ooVoo Version Free

A unique chatting and multi-participant conference videos software program

ooVoo is a great conference video chat solution. With ooVoo you'll be able to connect to anyone you like, whenever you like, using free text chats or free video chats.
If you need to connect to several people at once, ooVoo will enable you to hold virtual conference calls consisting of several participants. Beyond that, you'll be able to send and receive video messages, phone calls, immediate messages, and more.
Regarding its multi-participants video conference, ooVoo is compatible with both PC or MAC and can support up to 12 participants. This means you can enjoy great flexibility when using it. It will further allow you, using video channel, to embed video calls into any website, blog or social network. Whilst holding a video conference ooVoo allows you to share screens with your partners to the conversation, share files with them, send instant messages or place land line or cell phone calls. This way you can make your conference calls much more effective and to the point.
There's no doubt ooVoo is a great communications means as it allows users multiple communications options that suit a wide range of both private and corporate needs.
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